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General Business English language training

We specialise in Business English language training.
That means we design English courses to help professionals communicate in their workplace.

In our open group courses the areas generally covered include participating in meetings, making presentations, answering the telephone and report writing. One-to-one courses and closed groups A booking comprising of two or more individuals from the same organisation. Group members need to have a similar level of English Help? courses can be tailored to your specific needs or industry.

We deliver courses in the following formats:

Intensive courses

If you live outside the UK or have recently arrived in the UK, our Business English intensive courses would be ideal for you. Visit our intensive English page.


Regular lessons

If you prefer regular on-going Business English lessons we offer:
  • in-house training in companies (UK only)
  • online lessons via WebEx and
  • telephone lessons
Visit our in-house English training page


We also offer courses for:

Specific industries

If your need is more specific our English for Specific Purposes (ESP) courses may be more appropriate for you. Visit our ESP page.


Specialised communication needs

If you need more specialised communication skills such as English pronunciation and accent reduction, we offer a range of communication skills courses. Visit our communication skills page.

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