English for Specific Purposes

We offer specialised courses for both individuals and organisations. Our ESP courses are on-demand only, and may be booked on a one-to-one basis, or as a closed group (a group of students from the same organisation).

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English for Oil and Gas

Middle Eastern countries
Ideal for all oil and gas professionals who want to communicate with confidence in both upstream and downstream operations.

Aviation English

Middle Eastern team
For pilots and air traffic controllers, these courses help achieve, maintain and surpass ICAO level 4 proficiency.

Maritime English

Middle Eastern countries
Focusing on marine terminology and safety operations, these courses are ideal for the crews of offshore vessels.

Financial English

Middle Eastern countries
These practical, specialised courses focus on the language of markets, products, trends and regulatory environments.

English for Health and Safety

Middle Eastern countries
Essential for safety trainers, these courses focus on the English used world-wide in health and safety communication.

Legal English

Middle Eastern countries
These courses are ideal for lawyers and legal practitioners in international law firms who wish to improve their use of English.

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