Professional Language Solutions - Level Guide
A1 Beginner

Listening: understand basic words and phrases in familiar concrete situations
Reading: understand basic factual information in notices and short messages
Speaking: give basic personal and work-related information
Writing: fill in simple registration forms and write short basic messages

A2 Elementary

Listening: follow simple predictable statements and descriptions
Reading: read simple emails on familiar topics
Speaking: take part in simple predictable conversations
Writing: write simple texts on familiar topics following a standard model

B1 Lower Intermediate

Listening: understand routine language in everyday contexts
Reading: understand routine information in emails and articles
Speaking: speak about routine matters socially and at work
Writing: create routine reports and correspondence

B2 Upper Intermediate

Listening: understand a variety of instructions and discussions
Reading: understand most reports and non-routine correspondence
Speaking: give clear explanations and interact in extended conversations
Writing: write summaries, reports and correspondence on a variety of topics

C1 Advanced

Listening: understand complex presentations and talks
Reading: understand most reports and correspondence even on unfamiliar topics
Speaking: deliver talks and take part in complex discussions and meetings
Writing: write complex reports, proposals and correspondence on a wide range of topics

C2 Proficiency

Listening: understand complex and specialised presentations and talks
Reading: understand even the most specialised correspondence and documents
Speaking: make persuasive and effective contributions to meetings and discussions
Writing: write complex and specialised reports, specifications and correspondence