Voice Coaching


The course will help participants to speak English more clearly and

reduce the characteristic sounds of their native tongue.

You will learn how to:

Improve English pronunciation
Improve English vowel and consonant sounds

Improve intonation

Recognise vocal habits which interfere with pronunciation

Control your voice


This is a practical course and participants are encouraged to use their own work-related materials.

Anyone who wishes to acquire a Standard English or received pronunciation (RP) accent

Anyone whose job requires first-class communication skills

Non-native English speakers who want to reduce their native accent

Specialist voice trainers with specific experience at accent reduction

PLS in-house materials

Our Location

High quality training centre in the heart of London. 


Host family, residential and hotel accommodation.

Visa Information

Guidance and advice for those who need a visa.

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Facts at a glance
  • Format: 1:1 Course
  • Minimum age: 21
  • Course length: Flexible
  • Hours day: Flexible
  • Dates: On demand
  • Location: 11 Coldbath Square
  • Minimum level of English: B1
  • Certification: PLS Certificate
  • Cost: £55 per hour
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