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English language test for aviation (RELTA)

What is RELTA?

RELTA is a test of aviation English for pilots and Air Traffic Controllers, developed by RMIT, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. RELTA is fully compliant with ICAO language proficiency requirements, and is endorsed by the civil aviation authorities of over 20 countries. 

RELTA is the world’s most popular test of aviation English, with over 20,000 successful candidates to date.


RELTA tests a candidate’s ability to use plain English in an aviation context, and standard ICAO phraseology. The test comprises two parts: speaking and listening, and is conducted live by qualified examiners and then marked externally by RMIT raters.

Why take RELTA?

Test availability

We currently only provide RELTA for large group bookings from the same organisation.
It is not available for private individual bookings.


RELTA - English Language Test for Aviation

Awarding Body:
RMIT - Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
1 hour
Speaking and Listening
7 working days
14-21 working days
Test Fee:
Who recognises RELTA:
    RELTA is recognised by civil aviation authorities in over 20 countries, including:
  • Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe, South America
  • For full details refer to www.relta.org

How to prepare:
Our Aviation English course which will help you to prepare for RELTA. Please note we only run RELTA for large group bookings.

Test dates:
RELTA is available on request for large group bookings only from the same organisation. It is not currently available for individual private bookings.

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