Test of Legal English Skills (TOLES)

Professional Language Solutions is a registered TOLES exam centre.

What is TOLES?

TOLES means ‘Test of Legal English Skills’. The exams (three levels) were developed in partnership with commercial lawyers. They provided input into the English language level a lawyer needs to reach in order to have a successful career and carry out essential legal tasks.


It is intended as a test of working lawyers’ commercial legal English skills, rather than a test of their academic legal English skills.


Who recognises TOLES?


We offer TOLES at all three levels:


Test dates:

TOLES (all levels) can be taken at Professional Language Solutions on the following dates:

26 January 2017(registration deadline – December 31)

23 March 2017(registration deadline – February 24)

22 June 2017(registration deadline – May 26)

24 August 2017(registration deadline – July 28)

23 November 23 2017(registration deadline – October 27)



Test prices:

Foundation: £140

Higher: £170

Advanced: £180


All prices include VAT.



Test preparation

Our legal English course will help prepare candidates for the TOLES test. 

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