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Start learning a language today!

You may think you’ve already heard all the benefits of learning a second language, but think again! We’ve put together the most compelling, surprising and fascinating reasons to start learning a new language right away.

If you stop and think about what language is, it’s really quite mind-blowing. You’re bound to have felt this if you’ve ever witnessed a baby acquire their native language; or been included in conversations when the participants are able to switch between languages like they’re switching the topic of conversation; or if you’ve travelled across the world only to realise that communication looks the same everywhere you go, no matter where you are.


With language and communication being such an integral and colourful part of culture, society and life in general, it should come as no surprise that learning a second language can bring all kinds of benefits and additions to your life. As bona fide linguaphiles, here at Professional Language Solutions, we thought we’d bring together jus a few of the most interesting for you:


1.     Expand your mind (literally!)

With gym membership spending increasing by over 40% in recent years, it’s clear to see we’re all now acutely aware of the importance of keeping healthy and regularly working out. Maintaining a healthy mind is just as important. Just like a muscle, the more you exercise the mind, the stronger it becomes. A recent study monitored the brains of 2 groups of students; one group studying a second language intensively for 3 months and the other studying medical and cognitive science intensively for 3 months. Fascinatingly, the study showed that the brains of the students studying a second language actually grew in size, with no signs of growth in the group studying medical and cognitive science!


2.     Make better judgement calls

Research has shown that if a person uses their second language to make a decision, they make better and more rational choices. There is less nuance and hesitation to restrict potentially fruitful risks; our rational mind takes over when we make decisions whilst thinking in a second language and our ingrained biases are overridden. So, next time you have a tough decision to make, try talking it over in your second language…if you’re lucky enough to have one!


3.     Sharpen up your vision

This doesn’t mean you’ll ace your next optician’s test if you take up a second language, but it does mean that your observational abilities will increase. Whether it’s an after-effect of searching written text for errors, or poring over conjugation tables; studies have shown that bi or multilingual people are more adept at observing their surroundings and noticing anomalies or errors. Before achieving proficiency in a language, the importance of understanding body language and gestures gains more importance thus boosting your observational skills even further.


4.   Become a fully-fledged multitasker

Imagine this - you’re trying to listen to a voicemail at the same time as finding the right platform of the busy train station you’re at, all the while carrying 2 bags and navigating through a sea of commuters. It’s times like these that we could all do with being a little better at multitasking. And this is exactly what learning a second language can help with. It’s believed that the cognitive requirements of being able to switch between languages improves the brain’s ability to also switch between other tasks with ease and less stress. Having the ability to multitask effectively has the potential to improve your life in and outside of work, making you more productive, less stressed and more confident.


5.    Meet more people!

It makes sense: the more languages you have, the fewer the borders. If you learn a language and understand the culture that goes along with it, you’ll be able to communicate and relate more to the people whose language you’ve acquired. Inevitably, this will lead to more meaningful communication and relationships which can build and become excellent opportunities for business and life in general!


So, there you have it! Just the mere tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of learning a second language; basically, it’s nothing but a positive and rewarding exercise.


With courses in over 50 different languages, Professional Language Solutions can help you with any language requirements you have, get in touch today.

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