‍Many people may think of the Vietnam War when they think of Vietnam, but this S-shaped country has so much more to be remembered for, from 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and world renowned scenery, to cuisine that is adored across the globe. This article aims to provide 3 facts, 3 traditions and 3 myths about Vietnam.


I’m pretty sure it was Bill Bryson who wrote in one of his books that if an extra-terrestrial landed on earth, they’d think we all speak the same language. After all, we all make sounds that come out of our mouths and go into our ears so, on the phonetic surface, we do all speak the same way.

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“Every teacher needs to improve, not because they are not good enough, but because they can be even better”. This quote from Dylan William (an educationalist and Emeritus professor of Educational Assessment at the UCL Institute of Education) really sums up the reason why lesson observations are so vital to teacher development.

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