Language Risk Assessments

Language Risk Assessments (LRAs) are a unique English language assessment tool, intended for companies which operate in safety-critical environments.

Our LRAs assess real-life usage of English directly linked to the customer’s place of work - from reading basic safety signs in a factory or on a production line, to understanding tool box talks and more complex areas of language, such as hazard-reporting.

LRAs are designed for use as part of:

  • vetting subcontractor personnel

  • recruitment selection tool

  • workplace language audit

  • safety audits and training 

Case history

Watch our video about how our LRAs helped one forward-thinking UK manufacturing company to create a safer working environment for their multinational workforce.
Standard Test Version

Our standard version of the Language Risk Assessment is already suitable for many clients as it includes safety procedures and terminology that is common across manufacturing and industry.
Customised Test Versions

Unlike other English language tests on the market, the modular structure of our LRAs also allows us to personalise the most appropriate content for each individual customer, by selecting modules from our test library and then creating bespoke content.
Target market

Our LRAs are intended for organisations that employ significant numbers of foreign workers in manual jobs with a high safety-risk – both in English-speaking countries and other countries where English has become the common language of site operations.

Ideal for:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Transport
  • Warehousing and logistics
  • Energy
  • Utilities
  • Waste-Management/Recycling

LRAs provide employers for the first time with a practical language risk profile related to a specific workforce in a specific location. This data enables companies to put in place appropriate risk- mitigation activities.

  • Help groups of mixed nationality workers to be safe
  • Fulfil obligations under workplace safety regulations
  • Actively promote a positive safety culture
  • Satisfy requirements of insurers
  • Reduce staff absences caused by workplace accidents
  • Minimise the likelihood of compensation or prosecutions
Integrity and reliability

Our LRAs build upon 2 decades of expertise in developing bespoke language tests for ESP (English for Specific Purposes) in many parts of the world, including.

  • HSE English assessments for site operators in the UK
  • Safety English Test for offshore oil and gas workers in Qatar
  • Maritime English test for ship crews in Spain
  • Aviation English tests for pilots and air traffic controllers in Algeria


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