Our approach

For over 30 years we have been a leading supplier of training in 50+ foreign languages, including English as a foreign language, to a wide range of government departments, international organisations and businesses.

All courses start with a Needs Analysis, level assessment (if the individual has already had some language exposure) and the development of a tailored course plan. Progress is tested and reported on regularly, both informally during lessons and formal testing can be arranged. We work closely with all clients to review training programmes and align them with your needs and expectations.


Advice you can trust

Our Client Managers and Senior Management Team are all linguists and foreign language speakers themselves. Passionate about teaching and learning languages, they know that no two clients are the same. Their expertise ensures we provide appropriate support at every step of the way, from initial course enquiry, through programme set up, to progress testing and management reporting.

6 steps towards a personalised solution for all 

Needs Analysis

Before any course starts, we conduct an online training needs analysis. Course participants provide information on their language learning needs, and on their language background. This information is then used to develop objectives and create a tailored course programme.

Placement Test

If course participants have existing knowledge of the target language, we will arrange either a quick online placement test or a telephone level assessment with one of our teachers. This will ensure training is targeted at the right level for every student. 



Before training starts, we send a proposal detailing the services we are proposing, including the number of hours recommended for the course participants to achieve their language learning goals and the assessment methods to be employed. 

Course Plan

Each course plan details the learning objectives and materials which will be used. The course plan is reviewed at frequent intervals and a progress report is drawn up by the teacher, specifying the student’s areas of progress and further development plans.


We collect feedback at regular intervals throughout the course, so if a student is unhappy with any aspect of their training, adjustments can be made throughout the course.


When a student or group is approaching the end of their allocated hours, we will contact you so that you have time to consider rebooking. A progress report will be sent, stating any outstanding learning objectives, to help you make a decision.

Our teachers
Developed over three decades, we now have a network of over 500 qualified foreign language teachers in numerous locations throughout the UK and internationally. These trainers are experts in helping busy professionals reach their targets in the shortest time possible.

All our teachers are vetted for their qualifications, experience and background screening. They are then selected for specific courses by our experienced Client Managers on the basis of their individual suitability - ensuring the “fit” with our business students will be a success, and the trainers possess the specific skills and characteristics required.

We have a proven and robust Performance Management System in place with all our teachers and our Quality Management System is accredited by ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Innovation for all

Our willingness to go the extra mile for all our clients is what sets us apart from our competitors. We consistently look for new and innovative solutions to help maximise the learner experience, as well as all the crucial support procedures that make life so much easier for L&D and HR departments.

For one client this may mean developing a customised reporting hub; for another, it may involve the creation of online language placement tests. Other clients may benefit from our digital Training Needs Analysis or Gap-analysis tool, or even want us to build them a whole new language Learning Management System.

All of those innovations have been delivered to our clients in the recent past, and tech-enabled solutions will continue to be at the heart of our innovative approach.


Get in touch!

If you wish to explore ways that we can provide online or in-person language classes for your organisation, 

please contact our Operations Manager at corinne.taylor@langsols.com

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