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Foreign language training providers: a fail-safe checklist

Calling all Learning and Development professionals! We’ve curated a fail-safe checklist to help you select the best foreign language training provider for you.

With so many factors to consider, this checklist will arm you with the knowledge you need to make the right decision for you and your company.

Top quality

Any language training provider worth their salt will recognise that their biggest asset is their teaching team. As a minimum, teachers need to be well-qualified, experienced and able to provide structurally sound lessons in their native language. The natural talent of a teacher will then ensure that lessons are motivating, effective and inspiring for each and every student. The teachers’ responsibility doesn’t end there; within the corporate world, it’s absolutely essential that lessons are tailored for the specific business needs and objectives of the student, and the client.

Experience that shows

Experience is simply something which cannot be imitated. Look for a foreign language training provider which has been operating for a healthy number of years. Not only does this imply success but also consistency and resilience. You need a provider which will be able to draw on past experience but also have a breadth of knowledge and understanding of the industry.

Innovation and evolution

Running parallel with the importance of experience, is innovation. An experienced and well-established language training provider is nothing if it doesn’t evolve and develop. Just like any other industry, language training moves in tandem with technology. It’s highly likely that by the year 2020, your workforce will be 50% millennials and ‘digital natives’, your training provider, therefore, must see the importance in digital learning and multi-media resources and keeping up with the latest trends.

Maintaining key relationships

A foreign language training provider should be able to boast a long list of well-known clients, some of which, ideally, should be within your sector. Go with a provider that has a proven track record in delivering bespoke training in the corporate environment; benefits include: industry-specific course plans, awareness of industry-specific trends and developments, as well as relevant current affairs. Perhaps the easiest litmus test would be the testimonials section of a provider’s website, if they have one!

A tailored service as standard

You should expect your language training provider to design courses with students’ specific needs in mind. Learning a language is best done when the students’ learning style, objectives, profession, abilities, interests and previous learning experience (to name but a few!) are taken into consideration. However, this is not where the tailored service should end; indeed, each company and department should expect training provided to be aligned with their specific needs and expectations as a group.

Activity behind the scenes

Select a foreign language training provider with a strong team of account managers. The role of the account manager is to bear the administrative burden associated with the full life-cycle of a language course; including course set-up, scheduling, monitoring, teacher and student support and reporting etc. For added expertise, look for a provider with a team of account managers who have language teaching experience so that they are able to advise, empathise and manage training as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Bang for your buck

There’s no denying that ROI should remain a top factor to consider when outsourcing. Rates should be competitive and reflective of the level of service provided. A professional language training provider will provide their clients ample opportunity to provide feedback and for quality to be monitored at every stage of a course. Also, look out for ways in which costs can be regulated; such as blended learning options, group courses and virtual lessons.


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